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Storytelling for all occassions

The Story Spinners

Mrs. Claus is amazing. Her stories are so funny. I wish she didn't have to leave so soon. ..Tiny Tots Preschool

Absolutely loved your scary tales at the Grove....attendee

The residents Love you. The stories you tell keep them so engaged. They can't wait til you come back...Employee of Sunrise Senior Center

Your Handkerchief Program is come with so many handerkerchiefs and they are all so beautiful. Who would have ever imagined there was so much to learn about hankies.....handerkerchief program attendee

I can't wait to hear the stories you are going to tell today...I was here last year and loved your stories.....Niles Teen Center attendee captivated my children all evening. They didn't want to go home. So we stayed for the entire time you were here..... Attendee of Stories at Kappy's Restaurant

How in the world do you remember all those stories? And you can sing too!! .... Attendee at the Storytelling Fest at The Grovefest

Wow....your Space War program was so insightful....I lived through it and had no idea. Your depiction of the Fallout shelter was really would we have survived?

Senior Attendee

I must say you brought back so many memories of my mother with your stories. I had a heart attack when I was 6 1/2 years old and they told my mother I wouldn't live to be 20. I am now 81....and my mother told me stories to keep me still and quiet. You brought those moments and memories back to me today....thank you

Senior from Brookdale Center