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Storytelling for all occassions

The Story Spinners



You'll definitely want to hear this amazing story of Chicago's Our Lady of the Angels School Fire and see the quilt honoring all the children and sisters that perished in that fire.

The quilt was made by one of the survivors Chris Karkozska Anderson and was used for all the memorial services since the fire. On December 1st, 1958, a fire destroyed a school and it's community. Hear the story of this devastating fire and the hauntings that it left behind. Storyteller, Debi Gajewski of The Story Spinners unfolds the tragedy as told by the survivors and the children's families. Come and view the amazing quilt 

made by one of the fires survivors, Chris Karkozska Anderson honoring her fellow students and teachers that perished on that horrific day. The quilt had been used for all the memorials held since that time. Hear how the community tries to save the children, the details of the first responders and the details of those that were fortunate to have survived.

NEW:Audrey Hepburn...a VERY Fair Lady. The life of one amazing woman and her life from Wartimes to Hollywood.

NEW: Mickey Rooney...No SHORT STORY . This Program covers the life and times of Mickey Rooney who began his stage presence at the young age of 18 months to the end.  

NEW: Katherine Hepburn The Legend.

This program will unfold the life and loves of Katherine Hepburn. It will help you to understand the persona that Katherine had and reasons behind the legend.

Life of Debbie Reynolds...the Unsinkable.

This program will unfold the story of Debbie Reynolds and how she managed to stay afloat throughout her life. You will hear amazing things about her life in the theater, on stage and in her personal inside view of Hollywood and it's stars.)

Carol Burnett's "I'm So Glad We've Had This Time Together"

(This program is all about the life of the famous Carol Burnett...comedian extraordinaire

Rockin and Rollin in the 1950's (This program is all about the changes brought about during the 50' covers it's inventions, rends, famous entertainers. Join in on a sing along of the songs from the most memorable era of the 20th Century.)

Thanksgiving Day in America (This program is designed with stories of the first Thanksgiving and stories with reasons to be thankful.)

Mother's Day (This programs is filled with loving and sometimes funny stories about mothers and daughters)

A Woman and her Purses through the years (comes with visuals)

The Story of Underwear (History of how underwear changed through the years)

Love in Bloom:(The life and loves of


Happy Birthday to the US.

(program about how the states became what they are today)

A Wee bit of Blarney (Irish tales and folklore about the wee little leprechauns)

Love Stories ( Tales that warm the heart of great loves through time)

Puttin on the RITZ ( Amazing history of where putting on the Ritz came from and stories from within the Ritz hotel walls , along with the people who truly were known for Puttin on the Ritz)

In the Man Cave Stories (Stories for the male gender of hunting and fishing, car races and women chasing)

911 ( a program that honors the first responders, the families of lost men and women, the souls lost and the love for America )

Revolutionary War (program for all ages about the time when America wanted to break from the British. Learn about the women of the times that fought as well)

Saluting the Flag on Memorial Day ( A program designed that salutes and gives tribute to the men and woman who served the USA in all the wars.)

Inspirational Stories (This program is filled with stories of good will, faith and courage to inspire even the youngest souls)

The History of the Handkerchief(This program is full of stories about the handkerchief through the years, it's background, meanings, languages and comes with a visual of a collection of handkerchiefs)_

Civil War Stories ( Who would have ever guessed about the unkown history of the Civil War in Chicago. Between uncovered facts hidden under the carpet to stories and ghostly tales of this wartime)

Fairies and Woodland Creatures ( From flower fairies to trickster gnomes tales, you will be brought into a Secret garden to uncover the secrets of the small folks hidden beneath the splendor of flowers and mushrooms)

What a Bloomin Tale! (Stories of flowers, the meaning of flowers and what all the BUZZ is about)

Legends and Lore and Folk Tales (Program designed to bring handed down tales to a modern audience. )

Ethnic Stories ( Tales from all lands across the world)

Medieval Stories (Stories about the Knights of the Round Table, Kings and Queens and of course a dragon or two.)

Angel Stories (Hear the stories of Angels in our midst. True stories of angels and how they save, protect and lead us)

Prairie Stories (Westward bound stories of journey's across the country)

Ghostly Whispers

(This program ranges from raising a little hair on your arm with a bit of hahaha's to spinning tingling, hair raising, stories. These programs for all ages; can be tailored to the ages of the audiences. ;Also available, a historical legend of ghost stories )

Mother Earth and her Environment (Program designed to teach about the world today and what we can do to help it. The stories told are focused on Mother Earth and other characters who are brave enough to fight to help keep our environment clean)

Mrs.Claus and Santa Tales (There are various programs for all ages available for both private and public sectors)

Holidays year round (From New Years to Chanukah)

Respect/Bully/Responsibility Stories

Native American Stories (Program that teach lessons. Native American stories were their religion and lessons )

Tea Party Stories( Stories that will teach you the history of tea, the touching tales of teapots and teacups and sharing memories)

Stories From My Grandmother's Porch (Tales from the days of yesteryear. Stories from my history of living in the simpler times on our front porch swing)

Woman Inventors (A Woman and Her Thinking Cap is a program deigned to highlight women inventor from their stories back in the 1800's to present day)

Preschool Stories (Stories that clap, sing, and interact. Puppets and musical instruments are oftentimes used in this program...there may be lions, and tigers, and bears...with maybe even a chipmunk thrown in)

Fairy Tales (Jack Be Nimble to Sleeping Beauty)

Maritime Stories ( from pirate to sailing to the Christmas Ship, these tales will uncover the sunken treasures beneath us)

Adult Time Stories ( Program designed for the adult Audience...Laughter, comedy, and a whole lot more. Geared for adult Bistro's, etc.)

Literacy Programs ( stories that teach about how important it is to read and write. Designed to have the audience become comfortable in using the English language with some fun and laughter thrown in.0

Stories to teach: Math/Reading/Science/Social Studies

Bible Stories Want to hear the faith building stories in new and creative way? This is the perfect program for you....can be adjusted for all age levels)

Western Trail Stories ( From Cowboys and girls to horsing famous men and women in History such as Wild Bill and Annie Oakley)

Chicago Landmarks (This program is geared to teach about Chicago and it's hidden facts and trivia. This program will enlighten you to what you are missing every single day in Chicago.)

Historical First Persons.

(call for a list of current personalities)