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Purse-ue Your Dreams- American Hero's

Posted on July 4, 2017 at 7:21 AM
A week goes by so quickly....and once again I am pleased to reveal once again another one of the purses.  If this is your first time here...let me take this opportunity to explain this project.  I sit on the Niles Arts and Culture Advisory Council who has agreed to sponsor a project I have presented.  I, along with other wonderful and talented artists are repurposing purses by painting them with art.  The purses, once completed, will go on a traveling display beginning with the Niles Museum, then onto the Niles Library.  They will appear for one day at Niles Holly Jolly Event.  The time frame for this will begin with Oct. 5 until the day of auction on Dec. 2.  The auction will be at the Niles Senior center beginning with a reception.  Niles own Auction Lot14 will be our official auctioneer.  Wings charity has been chosen as the recipient of the monies generated through this endeavor.  We felt that the mission of Wings was perfect...repurposed purses to help repurpose lives. 
I hope that this project intrigues you and that you will come out and see them in person.  And so, with that being said....onto this week's purse.  I am once again the artist of this purse.  I thought that with the 4th of July just around the corner, American Hero's deserved to be the purse presented.  As I grew up in Chicago, I was always patriotic.  My patriotism grew stronger in the 60's when my neighbor went to war.  I often reflect on the days spent sitting on my front porch with my grandmother talking to our neighbor over the front porch railings.  I recall her reading the letters that her son Tony would send to them.  It was heart filling to hear of his future plans once he returned from the war.  He was fighting during Vietnam.  Then one day in November, I remember the screams next door and his mother flailing down the stairs as she screamed out his name while holding a letter in her hand. Tony had been killed.  That sweet, chubby faced, kind young man's life had been taken.  I have carried that memory in my heart ever since. 
Since those days, my patriotism has grown even more.  With today's social media along with the internet...I have read and seen the sacrifices that both men, woman and dogs have made.  I hold them in high esteem and my flag as a symbol of freedom.  I salute them all. So when I looked at this particular Perry Ellis purse with the signage of AMERICA on the idea came to fruition.  I hope you like my vision.  I present to you My AMERICAN HERO'S

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