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Ninety Minutes in Heaven and My story

Posted on September 26, 2015 at 9:37 AM you went to the movies and saw "Ninety Minutes in Heaven" and wondered..."Is this for real?".  Well, I am about to tell you a story about how real the description of the light it.  No, I have never died and saw the light...never traveled down a tunnel...never met others on the other side.  Then how is it that I can say it is real?  Well, because I saw it. 
It was a horrible New Years Day.  I sat in a hospital room holding my Grandmother's hand as she lay in the hospital bed on a respirator.  She was not conscious...and all I could do was pray that she could her me speak the last words to her.  I sat on one side while my mother and husband sat on the other. My chair faced the hospital window while they faced the wall behind me.  As I sat there stroking her hand and telling her how much I loved her, I noticed the most peculiar thing on the outside of the hospital window. 
Now...I know...what did I see??  Well, first I must tell you the events that led up to this moment.  It was Christmas morning when my grandmother called me and told me that her pain (arthritis) was way too bad and she couldn't make it to my house for Christmas.  I immediately told her not to worry and assured her it was fine.  I called up the others that were coming and informed them that we would just go to Gram's instead.  I intended to just pack up the food and take it there.  After all....Christmas was about family...not the location of where we gathered.  All the rearrangements were made when the phone rang again.  Gram decided she was coming to me after all.  So back on the phone I went and informed all the guests.  When Gram arrived, my heart broke into a million pieces.  She had to just about crawl up my back steps to get in the house.  She told me that she took some meds to help her get there and then informed me that she needed to come because this would be the last Christmas that she would be able to come.  I just poo pawed such a thought and went on the festivities of the day.  Gram just kept telling everyone of us that she was going to give us a great New Year!  We had no idea what in the world she meant by that...we thought she must have some plans that we would hear about once Christmas was over.  The day was wonderful...we went about our gift giving and dinner.  Laughing and talking like all our other Christmas'...only this would be the Christmas that I would recall the rest of my life.  Later in the day, Gram came into the kitchen with a beautifully wrapped gift and handed it to me.  I was quite surprised since we already exchanged gift...Gram informed me that this gift was special.  With trembling hands, I unwrapped the present only to find Gram's cast iron popcorn pot.  What you need to understand is that my Grandmother made the best popcorn anyone had ever had.  It always tasted just like movie popcorn...(I we have all those microwavable popcorns...but this was way before those times),  She informed me that she was handing over the pot to me and that the pot was part of her popcorn making secret.  I would have to take over making it from that day on.  I was touched over this gesture and we hugged and cried a bit at the same time.
The next day, my mother told me that Gram didn't feel well and she was taking her to the doctor.  The next thing that happened was Gram was put in the hospital with pneumonia.  All systems failed from there.  and I was sitting in the hospital room holding her hand praying for a miracle.  Only the miracle that happened wasn't the one I expected.  As, I sat there in the eyes occasionally wandered to the window and beyond.  You see...the strangest thing happened.  It appeared to me that outside...the sun had dropped down from up in the sky and was slowly approaching the window.  You have to imagine how stunned I was in seeing this type of phenomenon.  It all happened very quickly.  I sat there in total awe and confusion as this ball of light approached the window as though it would crash into the building.  In that instant...a nurse stepped in and diverted our attention as she requested that we step out into the hall for a few moments.  We all stood up and left as we were asked to do.  The nurse had closed the door to the room behind us.  We stood right outside the door of Gram's room when suddenly the overhead lights blinked on and off, and then the nurse opened the door and informed us that she was sorry....Gram was gone. 
You see....the light was coming for her.  I saw it the time it was happening, I had no idea what that phenominum was....but in that final moment...I knew...without a shadow of a doubt.  No doctors can dispute it with saying that electric inputs in the brain caused that...I wasn't the one dying or dead!!  But I was the one who witnessed the miracle.  The way that the light was shown in the movie when the pastor dies is the same thing that I witness as my Gram was dying.  There was no fear...just a moment of splendor.  I grieved for the loss of my Grandmother...but in the same breath in in every breath I have taken from that day on...I have peace in knowing what is to come.
On a side note...weeks after Gram died....which by the way...was NEW YEARS day....Gram said she was going to give us a good New Year...I think she thought that she may have been a burden to us...and nothing could have been farther from the truth.  Well...weeks after her death, I developed our Christmas photos.  Oddly enough....every photo that Gram was in had an odd light around her.  None of the other pictures of anyone else contained the light...just the ones of Gram.    

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Reply Jim
1:15 AM on October 10, 2015 
So glad to see you writing again. love hearing your stories
Reply Debi
8:56 AM on October 13, 2015 
Jim says...
So glad to see you writing again. love hearing your stories

Thank you Jim...It is encouraging when I see a comment such as yours.
Reply Mary Coleman
7:42 PM on October 13, 2015 
That was truly a beautiful story. It gave me goosebumps and especially hope for when our loved ones go to be with the Lord. Thank you for sharing. You have a wonderful gift of telling stories from the heart!